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Idol Anime (アイドルアニメ Aidoru Anime) is a topic on anime (a Japanese style of art and animation) based on idols and music.

In this wiki, we introduce you to the main four shows: The Idolmaster, Aikatsu, Love Live, Takara Tomy's Pretty Series; and much more series since the foundation of anime and idols.

Frequently asked questions[edit | edit source]

Q: Are any of the shows going to be dubbed?

A: For The Idolmaster, there is no dubbing since it is a whole franchise, but they did get the idols to sing some songs in English in some CDs. For Aikatsu, it is dubbed, but only in areas in Asia so it did not get dubbed in the Western area. Love Live does have an English dub, but the songs are kept in Japanese. And PriPara currently has a Korean dub.

Q: Where exactly did the artwork on this wiki come from?

A: The artist of these idols in this wiki is PaintBrushSwirls on DeviantArt. She basically traced out some pictures and added her own details.

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